Use this website to access the Embroidery Web API

New version 1.3 is now available. See release notes on Documentation page.

This site provides web software developers with access to Wilcom's Embroidery Web API software, technical documentation and support; and provides dashboard facilities and statistics to manage their use of the API.

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After you have received your API account details by email, you can SIGN IN to access detailed developer documentation, and to gain limited access via the Trial Use Plan.

For commercial use, you must upgrade your account to a commercial plan. Check out the alternatives on the Plans page. Then discuss pricing, terms and conditions with your Wilcom sales rep to best suit your needs.

Embroidery Web API Overview

Embroidery Automation for your business

The Embroidery Web API (EWA) is Wilcom's 3rd generation embroidery automation software tool kit. It enables embroidery and apparel companies to add embroidery capabilities to their custom web sites, web applications, and internal business systems by calling the API to do the embroidery specic tasks.

Wilcom’s API helps you go from order to production stitch data automatically. It provides TrueView realistic simulation images and production ready stitch data for existing embroidery designs, personalized lettering in template designs, new embroidery lettering, monograms, and team names. It uses .EMB design formats from Wilcom digitizing systems, and outputs .DST and other popular machine stitch data formats.

Hosted Subscription Web Service

EWA embroidery capabilities are provided to clients in the form of a hosted Web Service on a subscription plan, not a purchased software application. Wilcom provides access to the API on Amazon cloud servers located in the USA and in selected other countries.

Create Your Own Web Application

The API does not provide the user interface – your web developers create your own custom web application which provides the user interface to the end user. A typical use is for embroidery companies to enable their customers to personalize embroidered garment orders with their own embroidered name or other text, either by itself or in combination with existing designs or logos, and view the result in TrueView on the garment when ordering online. A variation of this is to automatically generate the new or personalized lettering stitch les for orders obtained ofine, by interfacing with the companies internal order processing system.

RESTful API Interface

Technically, the EWA uses a modern RESTful API interface. Web Developers access embroidery capabilities by making calls to the API using simple http: urls, passing designs and parameters back and forth in .XML data packets. (Earlier Wilcom web services used a more complicated SOAP interface).

Online Access via the API Developer Portal

API clients gain access to EWA's capabilities and technical documentation via Wilcom's API Developer Portal website. You start with the free API Trial & Demo Plan to evaluate and learn the capabilities. You get a unique Application ID and Application Key to access the API server software. When ready, you choose a commercial subscription plan to suit your needs. Application plans are outlined on the API Developer Portal. Discuss specic commercial details with your Wilcom representative.

Embroidery Capabilities Provided by EWA

Embroidery Web API creates TrueView realistic simulation images and production ready embroidery stitch data for existing designs, personalizing .EMB lettering template designs, and newly created original lettering and monogram embroidery.

Visualize embroidery designs in TrueView simulation

  • creates .PNG image les scaled accurately to real embroidery size.
  • transparent background to display on any color web page or garment image.
  • select which colorway to view, or get images of all colorways in .EMB designs

Preview artwork before digitizing

  • accept customer artwork in selected bitmap or vector formats
  • automatically detects and removes background
  • convert to transparent .PNG image to display on garment

Personalize lettering in .EMB template designs

  • automatically edit lettering objects in .EMB designs - text, color, font, height...
  • handles multiple lettering objects in the design
  • all lettering & stitching parameters set by your design template

Create new embroidery lettering

  • Specify text, alphabet, height, and color. Single or multiple lines.
  • From a selection of 183 digitized Wilcom alphabets. Add custom fonts.
  • Specify many parameters – baseline types, bold, italics, etc

Add lettering to customize stock designs

  • create new lettering and add to existing designs
  • specify the relative position of the designs to be combined
  • re-size, rotate, mirror, and re-position designs

Create new monograms

  • All the settings for simple lettering API, plus:
  • Specify whether the monogram should be “names” or “initials”.
  • Choose from 16 monogram styles, with or without ornaments

Create new team name lettering

  • All the settings for the lettering API, plus:
  • Specify a list of names, and basic team name parameters
  • Lettering by itself or combined with an existing design.

Save and convert embroidery design formats

  • Save existing, new, or personalized designs in .EMB design formats
  • Convert designs to production stitch data .DST, .U01, .EXP, .TAP, .TBF, etc

Get design and color information from existing designs

  • Includes design size, number of stitches, colors, stops, trims, etc
  • List of thread colors used, multiple colorways, lettering objects, etc