Embroidery Web API 4.5 Features

Scalable API services to suit your business requirements.

Web API plans are available to suit customers from Starter, through Professional to Enterprise levels. Special custom plans are available for system integrators with price on application. The Trial & Demo Plan gives low traffic access to all capabilities for evaluation purposes for free. Switch to a commercial plan for business use. Special, low-cost Development plan is available during the website development period.

Contact your Wilcom representative to discuss specific commercial plan pricing and details. Custom plans are also available for special requirements.

Use of the API Software and the API Developer Portal is subject to Wilcom’s API Terms & Conditions.

Item Comment
Hosted by Wilcom No infrastructure costs
Amazon Servers in USA Fast, Secure, Scalable
API Method Description
info Get information about the API
designInfo Get information about an existing embroidery
newLetteringPreview Graphic image of new lettering design
designTrueview TrueView image of existing design
newDesignTrueview Trueview image of a new design
editDesignTrueview Trueview image of an edited design
newDesign Stitch data for a new Design
editDesign Stitch data for an edited Design (Personalized)
bitmapArtPreview Graphic image (transparent) from bitmap artwork*
vectorArtPreview Graphic image (transparent) from vector artwork*
bitmapArtDesign Embroidery Design Autodigitized from bitmap artwork*
vectorArtDesign Embroidery Design Autodigitized from vector artwork*
bitmapArtTrueview Trueview (transparent) image Autodigitized from bitmap artwork*
vectorArtTrueview Trueview (transparent) image Autodigitized from vector artwork*
* Selected formats only. Results depend on quality of artwork.
Free Trial Period 30 days No cost to try the API
Initial Licence Fee Aplies Once only fee for Commercial Plans
Fixed Monthly Fee Plans Low, medium, high, very high volume plans
API Traffic Limits (Soft Limits) Number of API Calls per month depends on Plan
Pricing Details Discuss with your Wilcom representative